Sunday, July 20, 2014

Katzie Slough bike tour July 19 - photos

So happy that the weather co-operated yesterday for the Katzie Slough bike tour: not too hot, not too cold, even a bit of sunshine and no rain! Couldn't ask for more!

Scott Magri, a Pitt Meadows resident who is determined to bring the slough back to life as a healthy salmon habitat after years of neglect and degradation from urban development, and Lina Azeez (Watershed Watch Salmon Society) led this tour.

There was lots of interest: 22 people participated with the bike tour.

Scott Magri and Lina Azeez

Lot of work to be done to clean up the slough and get the water flowing to turn it once again into viable salmon habitat

Scott explains to his captive audience what needs to be done at one of the stops by the slough along the multi-use path between Hammond Road and the Airport Parkway

Another stop along the Airport Parkway

At the Baynes  pump station
We finished with a picnic at Osprey Village
It's wonderful to see passionate people like Scott and Lina take on this huge but very worthy challenge. Lots of money will be needed to replace at least one of the 3 pump stations in Pitt Meadows that control water levels and flow in the slough with a fish-friendly one, so there's a lot of work ahead. 

You can find more information about the Katzie Slough Restoration Project here.

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