Sunday, May 11, 2014

Photos: our first Spring Bike Tune-up Workshop

Quite a few people had told us over the last few years that they would like to learn how to do simple repairs and maintenance on their bikes.On May 10, we finally organized a Spring Bike Tune-up Workshop at the first Haney Farmers Market of the season.

It was a rather cold and miserable day, but we actually had just the right number of people drop by with their bikes in the morning to keep our volunteer mechanics Chris and Joan quite busy.  At noon Malcolm took over from Joan, but it wasn't as busy in the afternoon. We also got help from Miles and his daughter Chantelle.

The Haney Farmers Market was celebrating its 10th anniversary, so we all got some yummy carrot cake. I also had shopping coupons to hand out to the first 25 cyclists to arrive at the Bandstand (thank you Haney Farmers Market!). I gave away most of them.  

Here are some pictures:

We were nice and dry in the Bandstand

Chris and Fred are having a talk about gears

Miles and Chantelle manning the HUB booth

Joan adjusting some brakes

Chris talking to a cyclist who's just about to depart on a solo cycling trip to Mexico

Chris fine-tuning some gears

Bill Archibald, a.k.a. the "Trail Boss" of the Haney Horsemen, dropped off some special bikes for next year's Cycle Recycle

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