Saturday, January 11, 2014

Column The News: We need to stop suburban sprawl

My latest column in the Maple Ridge News:

posted Jan 10, 2014

Municipal finance manager Paul Gill has, thankfully, publicly sounded the alarm about sprawl.

Maple Ridge needs to change the way it grows.

Undoubtedly Mr. Gill has explained this significant problem in more depth to our council members. So far, however, they’re happily continuing down the same sprawling path, seemingly oblivious to the horrendous long-term cost they’re saddling the district with.

What voters need to understand is that it’s imperative that we put a stop to the way our municipality – as so many others – continues to expand into our forests and agricultural lands. We just can’t afford it.

Much of the land now being eaten up by is not terribly suitable for development to begin with, often located on hillsides, with many gullies and fish-bearing streams and other features that make it even more costly to develop, maintain and service.


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