Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mike Bocking, provincial NDP candidate Maple Ridge/Mission

I sent an e-mail to all the provincial candidates for our region (see earlier blog post) to ask them about their views on the Cycling Strategy proposed by the BC Cycling Coalition.

Mike Bocking, NDP candidate for Maple Ridge/Mission, was the first to respond. Here's what he replied:

I'm a big supporter of developing and expanding our cycling infrastructure and I agree with most of the points in the Cycling Strategy for BC.

I particularly agree that there needs to be some dedicated routes for bikes and separation of bikes from automobiles where possible. And the idea of developing more biking for local trips and schools is one I certainly support.

I particularly like the idea of an annual amount dedicated to bike infrastructure, so there can be long-term planning done with some certainty that resources will be available to implement them.

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