Friday, October 12, 2012

Photos Cranberry Festival ride

Last Saturday we went on our ride to the Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley. We were so incredibly fortunate with the weather, it was a gorgeous sunny day and it was amazingly warm for this time of year. We had 9 people in our group. Here are some pictures:

On the Golden Ears Bridge - by Geoff Hancock
Along Allard Cr. on the Langley side
Some people are smart to wear their helmets as pedestrians, since peds run more risk of injury in traffic than cyclists! It's also easier to spot them in a crowd - by Geoff Hancock.
We stopped on the way back at the Roadkill Cafe ("You kill it, we grill it"!). We had an ice cream instead. - by Geoff Hancock
The roads as well as the sidewalks in Fort Langley were full of people

Never seen before, most likely theft-proof bike lock

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