Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Earth Day 2012 Maple Ridge, April 21

What a gorgeous day we had for this fantastic event! Over the last few months Ridge Meadows Recycling Depot helped us collect 16 bikes that were in good enough shape for our bike-give-away. In the morning Jim Coulter, publisher of The News, drew the names of the lucky new owners, and in the afternoon MLA Michael Sather and Councilor Al Hogarth helped us draw 8 more names. After the draws, the bikes were washed, and Dustin of Maple Ridge Cycle did some repairs on some of the bikes. By the way, Maple Ridge Cycle is going to move to its new location soon, off of Lougheed. Owner Troy will have more space. I saw he's already stocking up on bikes. He's got quite a selection of cruisers. Troy has lots of plans, a.o. he wants to start organizing family rides! Can't wait to see his new shop.

I haven't seen any photos yet of the happy faces at our Cycle Recycle station, but for me this was the best part of Earth Day!

Here are some bikey photos of Earth Day:

I was blown away by the Stromer electric bike that I tried. Great for the hills in Maple Ridge, and you can do longer distance rides too. One charge will take you as far as 80 km. Check out the website:
Stromer electric bikes
photo credit Alex Pope
I also tried a neat Bullitt cargo bike, from Transportation Alternatives. Takes a bit of getting used to! Here's the website: and a photo:

Looks like the Bull-itt and the Return-it guy were made for eachother!
photo credit Martin Waliszewski
bus bike rack
photo credit Ian and Vicki McLeod

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