Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bike parking could become a must in Coquitlam

City ponders making lock-ups for bicycles a requirement of different developments

By Gary McKenna
THE TRI-CITY NEWS - Nov. 30/11

Finding a place to lock up a bicycle could get a lot easier for commuters in Coquitlam if city council adopts a proposal that would require all new developments to provide bike parkingWhile adequate vehicle parking has long been a part of any development application in the city, there are no provisions requiring bicycle facilities. If the recommendations are adopted, it would mean that residential, commercial and industrial developments would have to provide and maintain both long- and shortterm parking spaces. “If cycling is becoming more of a mode of transportation, there should be spots for
them to park, said Coun. Mae Reid, chair of the city’s land use committee. “It is the reality of the future and we should be planning for the future. Reid, who is also a realtor, said there is market demand for increased residential bicycle parking, particularly for multi-family developments such as townhouses and apartments. According to a staff report, the number of spaces required would depend on the type of development being proposed. A multi-family apartment or townhouse, for example, would have to provide 1.25 spaces per dwelling unit while larger format industrial buildings would have to provide
three spaces for every 1,000 sq. m of floor area. Civic buildings, schools, institutions and tourist accommodations would also be required to provide spaces. All bicycle parking would have to be located within 15 m of the main building entrance in a well-lit area. The storage area would be required to include racks or bike lockers.

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