Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bike Advisory Committee Special Speaker Richard Drdul

Note: this presentation has been canceled. We will try to reschedule.

Highlight of this month's regular B.A.C. meeting - Nov. 21, 7pm, Blaney Room, Maple Ridge City Hall - is a presentation by accomplished transportation specialist Richard Drdul.

Richard Drdul is an active transportation specialist with more than 25 years of transportation planning and design experience. He has worked with more than 30 municipalities and regional districts throughout Western Canada in all aspects of bicycle and pedestrian policy, planning, design and implementation. His relevant experience includes:
  • Comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plans for twenty BC municipalities and regional districts. Each of these plans includes a network of on-street and off-street bicycle routes and pedestrian facilities, design guidelines, complementary programs, funding strategies, cost estimates and implementation plans.
  • Plans and designs for pedestrian and bicycle facilities in communities across BC, including the BC Parkway from Vancouver to Surrey via New Westminster, the Central Valley Greenway from Vancouver to New Westminster, the Stanley Park seawall and several other multi-use pathways.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian networks as part of development plans for new communities, neighbourhoods and subdivisions in Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Colwood, Chilliwack, Kelowna and at UBC.
  • Development of “state-of-the-art” bicycle and pedestrian facility design guidelines. Through his years of experience, Richard has developed comprehensive design guidelines for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, including on-street and off-street facilities, intersections and crossings, signage and pavement markings, parking and maintenance. Richard’s design guidelines provide practical information to address a range of situations and issues not addressed by TAC and AASHTO design manuals.
Much of Richard’s work involves “non-traditional” approaches to transportation planning and engineering. He was the principal author of the Canadian Guide to Neighbourhood Traffic Calming, and has developed traffic calming plans for more than thirty neighbourhoods throughout BC. Richard has developed and implemented several travel demand management programs for post-secondary institutions, employers and government agencies. He has also worked with more than two dozen transit systems across Canada in all aspects of transit planning and operations.

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