Monday, October 31, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, candidate Maple Ridge Council 2011

1. What modes of transportation do you normally use within your community and within Metro Vancouver?
 I drive a car. 

2. How would you support and encourage cycling for transportation - for people of all ages and abilities - to promote healthy and livable communities? 
I support bike lanes but also expect cyclists to obey rules of the road. Separate cycling trails would be preferable. 

3. There have been many surveys asking people what it would take to get them on a bike. The number one thing people want is separated cycling facilities. How would you support separated bike lanes on key routes? If you are not in support, please explain why.
I am in support of separate bike lanes but would prefer there to be trails separate from vehicular traffic to increase safety. 

4. Maple Ridge has no off-road (non-mountain-) biking/multi-use trails and is lagging behind other Lower Mainland communities in this respect. How do you feel off-road biking/multi-use trails can benefit Maple Ridge, and how do you suggest to start developing a network of trails.
I would suggest asking the bicycle manufacturers to sponsor such trails. I would imagine that legal liability is an issue for any such trails.

5. If elected, would you aim to increase or decrease cycling funding from current levels? Do you feel that cycling funding levels should merely reflect the present level of cycling in our communities, or should it reflect the potential of cycling - not only as a means of transportation and for recreation, but also in view of the many desirable benefits cycling has for individuals as well as for our communities/society, such as health benefits, improved livability, reduced greenhouse gasses/pollution, reduced oil-dependency, reduced need for expensive car infrastructure/parking lots, reduced congestion, etc.?
 I fully endorse cycling as a healthy alternative to cars.

6. What is your level of interest in a public bike-share system integrated with the transit system? How do you think a public bike-share system in Vancouver can benefit Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows residents? 
I am not sure how a bike share system in Vancouver could help Maple Ridge. 

7. What role do you think the municipality has in supporting and promoting cycling education for children, cyclists and motorists?
Promoting  safety for a citizens is an important role for the district.

8. How do you feel e-bikes can play a role in our transportation system? 
What do you see as the benefits of e-bikes as compared to cars?
What can e-bikes mean for less densely populated suburban communities like Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows?
I feel that e bikes should be licensed  and so should their riders. I work with people with disabilities.
Some whose brain injuries occurred while bike riding without helmets. I know 2 individuals who have been injured on e-bikes due to their inability to handle the speeds they reached. The costs to the riders personally and the health care system need to be avoided.
So if proper licensing and training is provided before you can ride and e-bike were available I can see that they would be an incredible option to decrease vehicular traffic and emissions.

9. Would you be interested in joining members of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition on a bike ride through your community?
Not at this time. I ride occasionally with my daughter who is 9 and can barely keep up. 

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