Sunday, September 25, 2011

GETI Fest - VACC Activities

This Saturday, Spirit Square in downtown Maple Ridge was alive with people attending the triple events of BIA Street Market, the Farmers' Market and GETI Fest.
Thanks to all who took advantage of the VACC valet bike parking and stopped by our exhibit to learned how to load their bike on the portable (demonstration) bus rack. The VACC also provided a tent where kids of all ages could use the materials provided to decorate their bikes to later participate in the "non-motorized" parade about the square.
Special thanks to Jackie Chow for her efforts at planning and equipping for the VACC's presentation at the FEST as well thanks to the other VACCers for staffing the bike parking. Also, special thanks to Dave Rush for bringing the bus rack all the way from Vancouver - trailing BEHIND HIS BIKE!

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  1. Also my thanks to the GETI volunteers that helped me set up and run the bike decorating booth and bike rodeo. Couldn't have done it without them!