Friday, July 1, 2011

North Alouette Greenway Bridge

 The opening of the two new bridges, one over the North Alouette and the other over the slough adjacent to 216th Street (at about 136 Avenue) allow riders from the Silver Ridge area to traverse the north of Maple Ridge, off-road, westbound to Neaves Road, and beyond. For recreational riders this is a very good development, allowing them to avoid the the sometimes busy 132nd Avenue and the always busy 128th Avenue, from 216th St. to 210 St. 
I had done this route alone, in my commute to Port Coquitlam, and as well with my daughter for fun and while it does cut off a substantial amount of distance on a westbound commute for me, the quality of the roadbed is alternately very rough gravel or very soft gravel and bark mulch, making for very slow travel. In the end, my ultimate commute time was much the same as the usual 132/128/Old Dewdney, but perhaps with a little more effort on my part to travel this new route. As a recreational route, though, to access the dykes of Pitt Meadows and North Maple Ridge, it is very scenic and pleasurable.
216 Avenue Slough bridge
North Alouette Bridge north of the Equestrian Centre

While some horsemen will use the new bridge, it may well be easier and
safer for them to ford the river at their usual crossing nearby. 

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