Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bikes, bikes, everywhere!

One of two valet bike lock-ups at this weekend's Vancouver 125
celebration at Stanley Park.
Conclusive proof to the adage, "if you build it, they will come." Vancouver's 125 Birthday celebration at Stanley Park had people arriving to the festivities by the thousands by bike and on foot. I don't believe I have ever seen so many bikes in one spot - greater even than the official opening of the Golden Ears Bridge, which saw around 400 bikes in the valet bike lockups on either side of the Fraser River that day. My entire family (wife and 3 kids) parked our vehicle on Great Northern Way, and proceeded cycling along the north-shore seawall to the Hornby Avenue bikeway, north to the Convention Centre, then onto the seawall again at Coal Harbour to Stanley Park - all in the comfort and security of dedicated bike lanes! It really is exceptional to be able to ride right into and thru the core of the city on a "safe" bike route.
At Stanley Park, there are two bike valet lock-ups. As well, bikes were chained to every conceivable immovable object. Bands played at a number of stages around the Brockton Oval area and the crowd was family and relaxed for the three-day event. A great redemption for the city's Stanley Cup Massacre. Still time to catch the last of Sunday's acts if you read this blog post in time! I would recommend you to head on down.
Bikes locked up outside the valet lots. We chose to do the same to
avoid the after-concert crush to get the bikes.

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