Friday, June 10, 2011


Vancouver: Parklane Homes new River District urban development on East Fraserlands area of Vancouver. Consultants included Andres Duany one of the founding members of the "New Urbanist" planning/architectural movement. Access to the development (just beginning) is by way of a "narrowed" roadway (2 lanes) and tree-lined bikeway and pedestrian sidewalk ON BOTH SIDES of car roadway! Check out Duany's website - - for dozens of examples throughout the world of sound and sustainable urban developments (greenfield, brownfield, infill, etc). 

Pitt Meadows: Now that's the way to build a bike path! Again, congratulations to Pitt Meadows. On the west side of Harris Rd. Park ball diamond and adjacent to a parking area, Pitt Meadows creates a green "buffer" between the peds/cyclists and moving cars. Great job!

Kelowna: Gorgeous promenade/bikeway along the city's "created" waterfront. It's a people place - although I waited for all the people to pass before taking the photos.


Kelowna: State-of-the-art separated bikeway along Abbot St., one block off the lakeshore extending south of the city centre for a number of kilometers. Note green separations and tree barriers between the car roadway and the pedestrian sidewalk on the right. Ahhhh, and shade in the summer. Great work City of Kelowna! 

Victoria: The famed Lochside Trail. Thirty Three kilometers of biker-heaven-on-earth extending from Swartz Bay to downtown Victoria. Mostly separated from cars and safe for the whole family. On the right of photo is Patricia Bay Highway, which is followed for a short portion of the distance. Equally amazing and enjoyable is the even longer Galloping Goose Trail extending over 50 km from Victoria to Sooke. A must-ride on any cyclists travel plan! Both trails are massively popular and the Victoria cycle mode-share is remarkable. Bikes everywhere!

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