Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Discovery Ride #3 - recap

Rain, argh!@#! June IS a Fall month in the Fraser Valley, afterall.
In an effort to avoid yet another cancellation in our Discovery Ride series (Ride #2 was cancelled due to rain), a courageous group of 5 cyclist set out in heavy mist from Hume Park last Saturday on the 3rd Discovery Ride of The Central Valley Greenway (New West to Vancouver). Within 5 km of the start, the group was rewarded with a ceasing of precipitation and clearing skies. While the initial rain certainly did discourage most from attending and experiencing the CVG for the first time, those participating were very happy with the ride. What is worth praising is the City of Vancouver's creation of protected, urban bikeways on the Burrard Bridge, Hornby Street, Dunsmuir Street and Carral Street. These routes have enabled safe & enjoyable cycling thru the very core of the city for all ages and abilities. My wife, who is notoriously nervous cycling in city environments, was extremely happy with these bikeway improvements. 

Stanley Cup riot - that's how we show disappointment in Vancouver. Next time, use your words...
Post-it "Thanks to the VPD".
The big metallic ball, and the massive prickly thing which is BC Place Stadium.
The Great Wall of Riot Sorrows at The Bay.

CVG - Great cycling infrastructure, Vancouver, but not as nice as Victoria's Lochside Trail, I'm just sayin'.

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