Friday, May 6, 2011

In Recognition of Community Contribution Thru Good Design

After having disparaged the owners of the Liquidation World Mall (blog post April 17) for their laughable attempt at parking lot improvements, I would like to highlight a few local businesses that have made great efforts at enhancing their presentation and at the same time improving the urban/built environment to the benefit of us all. Thanks for the investment in facade improvements, new construction and the reclamation of derelict structures. This is the front line of urban revitalization along with city's Town Centre Investment Incentive Program. As well, the city's street re-constructions of 224th St., Lougheed Hwy, and 227th St. have made a tremendous improvement to the look and feel of our fair city. 
Fantastic timber frame entrance and landscaping!
Great job Tom Stinson, owner!
An appealing new store-front, Bruce Fuller.
Fuller Watson - committed to this town for decades.

Very "professional" looking building - 22320 Lougheed Hwy.
A vote of confidence in the town core. Welcome!
Thanks for the memories Haney Car Wash. Time for something
a little nicer in the middle of town. Haney Place Mall owner

Narland Properties will turn the lot into an entry point for the mall, 
enhanced with landscape features and to be more pedestrian
 friendly, according to the Maple Ridge News story.

Very attractive and functional green bulge-outs protect
the pedestrian and enhance the walking "experience",
by shortening the crossing distance at intersections.
Come and spend some time downtown!

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