Saturday, November 13, 2010

UPDATE - Coquitlam segment of Central Valley Greenway

Since 2006, the Tri-Cities VACC has advocated to extend the Central Valley Greenway through Coquitlam and connecting to the Port Mann Bridge.

As part of Gateway, numerous construction roads have been built to facilitate construction in this area.  This presents a rare opportunity to transition construction roads into a bike route(s).  The City of Coquitlam have not responded positively to this option, citing many potential obstacles.  

In a recent meeting with City staff, the VACC rejected the City's position that the development of an off-road cycling route that would connect the Port Mann Bridge with the Central Valley Greenway is not possible because the City has not conducted a process to assess feasibility.  The City has since agreed to proceed with a process to assess feasibility.  

This initiative is a regional priority for the VACC.  As this process gains momentum, the Tri-Cities VACC will likely require assistance in conducting site visits and route planning - let me know if you can contribute, particularly those who have experience with the Central Valley Greenway process.

Best Regards,

Alexi Zawadzki - Chair, Tri-Cities Committee of the VACC

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  1. Thanks so much for keeping this issue alive.
    Copied from a letter from Arno Schortinghuis, President of VACC :

    As background to this issue, some of us had a meeting with Translink, City of Coquitlam, MOT and others regarding this issue. Our preference was to have a CVG extension south of the tracks to connect CVG to Traboulay Trail. The other option was to create a connection from Schoolhouse and along Lougheed to connect with new Port Mann Bridge. A decision was quietly made to proceed with the latter. I agree that the connection which you describe is an important regional connection and that we should make every effort to make it happen.