Thursday, November 18, 2010

M.R. Council this Week

The weekly newsletter of the District of Maple Ridge highlighted a few items that would be of interest to local cyclists:
The Zoning Bylaw Review - Is consideration being made to alternate modes of transport in the creation of new developments? End of trip facilities?
Town Centre Investment Incentives - A vibrant, energized, multi-functional downtown is important to us all. This blog supports efforts to enhance and revitalize the Maple Ridge town centre. Cyclists are inherently localists. Love the recently completed improvements to 224th Street and Lougheed Hwy.!
Albion Flats Concept Plan - Will the Albion Flats be turned into "just another car-dependent mall"? Is the era of the single-use "Mall" coming to an end? Check-out the video on the left sidebar of the blog - "Retrofitting Suburbia".  What are the implication of Albion development on downtown enhancement initiatives? Keep a close watch on this.

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